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Tomar is a Templar reference city.
Situated in the valley of the river Nabão, fertile soils, abundant water and the climate were essential for human settlement since the Neolithic. Named Sellium in the Roman period, thriving as Nabância by Visigoth and Islamic.
The March 1, 1160, D. Gualdim Pais, Master of the Knights Templar in Portugal, begins construction of the majestic Castle and imposing Templar Rotunda. In medieval and geometric matrix, the architectural plans of Tomar, will follow the structure of Jerusalem in the West. They are thus responsible for building and growing Templar of Tomar.
Obeying this array develop and cross, the design of the city, with its four monasteries to mark the four cardinal points, centered on the main square of Tomar.
The Order of Christ, successor and heir of the Templar Order, will direct and influence the designs of Portugal to the Discoveries, keeping Taking as the great spiritual Empire headquarters.
City since the sixth century. XIX, has about 20,000 inhabitants. Take still stands out as Templar town, preserving and keeping alive the influences that gave birth. It was proven its importance to the recognition by UNESCO in 1983, the Templar Castle-Convent of Christ as a World Heritage Site.



The Knights Templar Festival had the first edition in 2013 and had a major involvement of the whole community, especially the parishes of the county, in the preparation and participation.
The city of Tomar received in 2013, over 25 thousand people, including visitors and tourists to participate in the various activities that the Knights Templar Festival provided: activities for children; street entertainment; the big night procession; Medieval Food Festival, which involved most of the restaurants in town; Night Templar in the Convent of Christ; cultural visits to monuments; and the fair and medieval taverns that offered the visitors differentiated products with allusive experiences at the time.
Across the region, the city was news of target, the differentiation of the remaining events dating back to medieval times, and the movement that has grown substantially, causing a notable positive impact on both the dynamic level to the economic level.
This event proved to deserve the attention and dedication of Tomar people who took to the streets to travel back in time, in the old town.
In the second edition, the Organizing Committee seeks to reinforce the impact of the event, improving aspects that, in the first edition may not have resulted in the best way since had not yet defined benchmarks.
In this sense, every year, we try to enhance, strengthen and develop the brand "Knights Templar Festival".
For five days, Tomar and its people are reborn in the city, the medieval times but, more than that, the time of the Knights Templar and the legacy they left us until the present day.
Remains the main objective of enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of such importance and the make known, an educational component, dynamic, fun but rigorous.
It is intended to be a journey through time, where nothing is left to chance and that no one is forgotten.
For five days, the city will become, in all its splendor, and will make us return to the era of the Templars.


ADIRN IPT Câmara Municipal de Tomar